Thursday, April 3, 2008

My life's been locked down with LifeLock

I know you've seen the commercial with LifeLock CEO Todd Davis giving out his real Social Security Number as proof that his company can help stop identity theft before it occurs. In the past year I've been placed at risk by breaches at former employers, two credit card companies and my financial institution. They were results of computer tapes being stolen or misplaced, and two laptops that got stolen that contained personal information on them. As a result the responsible companies signed me up for credit protection programs, and in addition I placed a fraud alert on the accounts at risk and requested new account numbers just to be safe.

Now that the credit protection programs which I had been enrolled in are about to expire, I thought it might be a good idea to sign up with LifeLock. I figure that they're new enough that they are likely to perform better than a company who may have become complacent about providing customer service. Plus with their $1 Million Dollar Guarantee, it was hard to find a competitive offer. The program isn't very expensive and it gives peace of mind that if any of my information does get into the wrong hands, they'll be stopped dead in their tracks if someone tries to use it.

LifeLock does what they say they will. Within a week of signing up, I received notification from the credit bureaus that a credit alert had been placed on my accounts and that a copy of my credit reports had been ordered. They also stated a request was made to remove me from mass marketing campaigns, so it will be interesting to see if there truly is a reduction in my junk mail. (Too bad they can't reduce the amount of email spam I receive too!)

Click here to Join or learn more about LifeLock.

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