Thursday, March 27, 2008

Do we need A 12-Step Program?

Okay, say it with me now… “My name is _________ and I’m an Internet Shop-aholic.” After all, who can resist a good bargain? For some of us, it’s not easy. Bargain shopping sites like, and all report and feature some of the best internet shopping bargains around. I’ve saved hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars by being a smart and savvy online shopper and checking out all the deals, reviews, sales and discounts that are available to Joe Consumer when I need something. I NEVER pay retail for anything. Need more hard drive space or a deal on an upgrade component? They’ve got you covered. Looking for a deal on a laptop or new HDTV? Got you covered there too.

I even built a new computer buying components as they went on sale. It reminded me of the old Johnny Cash song, “One Piece at a Time”. Over time I scoured dozens of online bargain sites, and I was able to build a new fully loaded quad core desktop pc for under $400. The computer case was free after rebate, as was the power supply. The motherboard, cpu and memory were all on sale at various times over a four-to-six-month period, and coupled with promotions, coupon codes and mail in rebates on those items, I paid half of what most folks would fork over for a comparable system. Yes, it took me a while to acquire all the parts on sale and I had to assemble them myself, but who cares? I saved a bundle on a new computer. It’s all a matter of being disciplined in hunting down what you want and finding the best possible prices. It is mindboggling to see how much stuff is out there and how price-competitive retailers have become to earn your business, and we as the consumers are coming out as the winners.

Want to save on your next online shopping spree? Look for online shopping codes at sites like:,, and a host of others that offer discount codes for your online shopping pleasure! For the steal of a century, check out sites like where they feature an item in limited quality at a bargain basement price. I couldn’t resist a recent offer for a refurbished 2GB MP3 player for under 20bucks… I added a 2GB Micro SD card (which I found via price shopping sites like and got a promocode via!) and I ended up with a pretty nice mp3 player for a third of what a new one would cost. It can be really quite addicting (not to mention expensive) to “save” all this money by buying stuff just because it's a bargain, but when online retailers “make an offer you can’t refuse”, can we really afford not to? Heck you can always turn around and put the item you bought on sale up for grabs on ebay and pocket the difference! More on that later...

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